Author Interview: Jesse Jordan


About Author Jesse Jordan:

I’m a writer who’s lived around the world, and enjoys an international lifestyle. A digital nomad, I’ve lived in over half the states in the USA and have now visited nearly twenty countries around the world. Unwilling to be labeled by a genre, I write stories that cross lines, break rules, and hopefully lodge in the reader’s brain so that you won’t forget them.


Tell us about yourself. Why did you decide to write in the romance/erotic genre?

I think that the desire for bonding is the most basic drive that fuels us. Romance is just a lens through which we can see the connections, see the way that we bond together.


What “heat level” should readers expect from your latest release?

On a scale of 1-10? I’d say a solid 7. Heat is a major factor, but there’s story, plot and relationship development as well. As I like to say, I don’t follow the rules. So you’ll find some sweet, some heat, some action, some ‘action,’ and more. The story of the characters is paramount, not the ‘heat.’


What is the hardest thing about being a published author?

LOL, that’s easy. Gaining traction. It’s a big market out there, and I’m terrible at marketing myself.


What do you like the most about being a published author?

I like being able to create a whole other world, one where things may not always go the way we want them, but the characters can be reflections of ourselves, of who we want to be, or who we don’t want to be. I love crafting the story, of letting you have a lens into that universe, and hopefully, into something about yourself as well.


Who has been the most influential person on your writing journey and why?

My family, easily. They’re the ones who set me on the path of reading, writing, and encouraging me to share my voice with the world.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing?

I’m just sort of a normal person, I guess. I like going to the gym, enjoying food, and watching sci-fi. I think one of the best things about living internationally is the ability to see so many different cultures and to interact with them. I love trying food, even when sometimes it doesn’t agree with me.


What is the best way for readers to connect with your via social media?

I have active Facebook and Patreon pages, where readers can contact me, support me (hint, hint, ha ha) and connect with me.

On Facebook

On Patreon



About Nicola Matt

Nicola Matthews was born in Biloxi, MS in 1975. Raised in southern Mississippi, she still resides in her small hometown with her husband of twenty years, their three children, and their pet Yorkie, Lily-Claire. A lover of pop culture, music, and movies, Nicola works full time by day and runs several businesses on the side, including her own publishing house which now has three imprints, a graphic art company, three blogs, and the Taboo Tales Erotic Newsletter.
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