Mechanikal: Rise of the Wolf by Neil Herndon



#EpicFantasy #Fantasy #Mythology #Folklore #FairyTales

A story that blends the worlds of steampunk and high fantasy into one great epic adventure. The war isn’t coming, it’s already here. The realms have stood on a knife blade, hoping something would be done. Yet none of the so-called “great kings” did anything to keep the darkness from swallowing the land. Now there is no choice. As more and more citizens are drafted for the army, a highwayman gathers a small band of like-minded souls. His team comes together with one goal and one goal alone binding them as one: strike back at the heart of the enemy. Different races, different skills, and different ideals come together to cross behind enemy lines and destroy the threat once and for all. All of them willing to risk everything, all of them willing to fight to the last breath to see their cause complete. If they fail, a plague of evil will scour the lands clean of life and happiness. The pressure is on, the threat is real, and the true heroes of the mounting war will never have their names sung in praise even if they succeed.

Available through Amazon.

Going live 9/28/17. Preorder now for just $2.99


About Nicola Matt

Nicola Matthews was born in Biloxi, MS in 1975. Raised in southern Mississippi, she still resides in her small hometown with her husband of twenty years, their three children, and their pet Yorkie, Lily-Claire. A lover of pop culture, music, and movies, Nicola works full time by day and runs several businesses on the side, including her own publishing house which now has three imprints, a graphic art company, three blogs, and the Taboo Tales Erotic Newsletter.
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