Nefarious Volume 3 Giveaway

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Join Lucille Moncrief tonight from 7:15 to 8pm CST for your chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card in celebration of the Nefarious Volume 3 sale – marked down from $2.99 to just $0.99 from 9/22 – 9/24

CLICK HERE to join the author on Facebook. CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon.

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Mechanikal: Rise of the Wolf by Neil Herndon



#EpicFantasy #Fantasy #Mythology #Folklore #FairyTales

A story that blends the worlds of steampunk and high fantasy into one great epic adventure. The war isn’t coming, it’s already here. The realms have stood on a knife blade, hoping something would be done. Yet none of the so-called “great kings” did anything to keep the darkness from swallowing the land. Now there is no choice. As more and more citizens are drafted for the army, a highwayman gathers a small band of like-minded souls. His team comes together with one goal and one goal alone binding them as one: strike back at the heart of the enemy. Different races, different skills, and different ideals come together to cross behind enemy lines and destroy the threat once and for all. All of them willing to risk everything, all of them willing to fight to the last breath to see their cause complete. If they fail, a plague of evil will scour the lands clean of life and happiness. The pressure is on, the threat is real, and the true heroes of the mounting war will never have their names sung in praise even if they succeed.

Available through Amazon.

Going live 9/28/17. Preorder now for just $2.99

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Love Bytes by Amanda Rawlins

Love Bytes



Karen runs a popular online dating site. She’s been able to find love for so many people, and fast flings for so many more. Yet, she can never seem to take care of her own love life. Too many times hurt in the past leaves her with a lot of armor against heartbreak. Until she hires a new assistant and sparks fly, changing everything.

Available on Amazon.

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One Upon a Time Freebie Extravaganza!

Red hooded woman lost in a surreal land

Calling all readers of urban fantasy and paranormal romance!

Do you love all things that go bump in the night? Can’t get enough vampires, shifters, romance, and everything paranormal? Do you love FREE books and stories?

Join us for the Once Upon a Time Freebie Extravaganza!

Now through September 15th, we are accepting sign ups for anyone who wishes to receive 17 FREE stories and books from a variety of authors covering a wide range of sub-genres in the urban fantasy and paranormal romance niche, including USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors! Sign up today, and you will receive your freebies between September 16th and September 18th. Don’t wait, join us to ensure you receive your freebies!

CLICK HERE for a list of all the great books which await you & sign up today!

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