Halloween Feast! The Best Free Halloween Ebooks!

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Grab these awesome free books while they last! 19 horror, paranormal, and occult books, all free for a limited time. Don’t miss your chance to own these awesome adventures today.

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The Thousand Years War by Angel Medina

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Video game nerds rejoice, this book reads like a video game on steroids! Tag along four people who enter a video game environment that has no reset button and death is permanent. Prepare yourself for a ride with this LitFPS ride or a book that reads like a First-Person Shooter video game!

Four people in Brooklyn N.Y. who know little about each other and backgrounds that could not be any more different. A normal winter day for these four regular joes will turn into a full-fledged adventure that will determine the fate of the Earth with one twist. That twist is that there is a virtual world that looks, smells and feels like Earth and whatever happens in this virtual world happens on Earth, a great evil has decided to use this world for it’s purpose to take over Earth for himself.

These four regular joes will turn from normal everyday joes into Earth’s only hope as they try to prevent an alien race called the gloobas from taking over the world using virtual reality as a weapon. Get ready for an action-packed adventure where the enemies are not human and watch our heroes explore a virtual world that will break the rules of nature and science. Little do our heroes know they will fight in a war that was once fought over one thousand years ago and the time has come again for the war to commence once again between good and evil. These four distinctive people (Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis) will have to put aside their differences as they will travel to places including New York, Hollywood, the Arctic Core and even outer space. To raise the stakes even higher our heroes will only have 10 days to reverse the effects of the virtual world to Earth otherwise, the world may not survive or be under alien rule.

Is this what World War 3 has in store for the people on Earth. Is Earth due for another dark age similar to the fall of the Roman Empire? If our heroes fail Earth will fall and nobody will know why or how. Prepare for an adventure where anything can happen will happen, along with plenty of Romance, time traveling and our heroes will even see paranormal forces that will either hurt or help them and an ending that will make you cry!

Available on Amazon.

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Sphiel’s Song by Alara Branwen

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Three years ago, a bright and vibrant Mandy Sutherland looked forward to life – ready to take on the world after graduating high school with top honors and gaining acceptance to a great college. However, on graduation night, the world went hazy and she passed out. After awakening in a hospital, doctors told her that she had a severe medical condition that would render her unable to function in social situations.

Now, she lives secluded in her room, looked after by her little sister, Natalie, and her father. Although working with her psychiatrist, Dr. Braun, to combat her severe anxiety, time has produced no breakthroughs. During one of their online sessions, Dr. Braun suggests an experimental type of therapy – using Virtual Reality to simulate social situations. Seeing no other options, Mandy agrees.

Mandy finds she can function in “Unexplored”, a fantasy VRMMORPG, where she takes on the role of Sphiel, a beautiful elf woman living in the Wilderwood. During her adventures, she makes friends, uncovers mystical secrets, and combats great enemies. However, even as she grows, she wonders if she can face her greatest enemy of all – herself.

Warning: This book contains erotic content. Reader discretion is advised.

Now available on Amazon.

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Get Your Spook On Free Book Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love a good paranormal and cozy mystery book this time of year? How about 29 FREE novels and novellas? Join us through the end of October as we celebrate all things spooky and fun with the Get Your Spook On Paranormal/Cozy Mystery Lovers Spooktacular Book Bonanza!

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